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Title: Railway into Paradise
Author: Shane Goadsby
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Description: Barmouth bridge and views from the harbour. First visiting Barmouth at the age of 6 weeks old, I have been back to visit every year since. Travelling through the mountains, being able to catch an initial glimpse of the famous Barmouth bridge, is a sight that never gets old. The instantly recognisable structure, stretches over the Mawddach Estury acting as a focal point for the town. A quaint seaside town that offers spectacular views at every angle, where the mountains meet the sea. Barmouth feels like home to me, it has a calming feel and gives a relaxing atmosphere with breath-taking views of the coast. The work is an etching onto perspex, the making process means the image is scratched/engrained into the surface of the material. This resembles how Barmouth has engrained itself to becoming a part of me. Presented in black and white, this gives a classic/timeless appearance. This shows a place that has remained distant not just to me but to many people, retaining its elegance and natural beauty. Awaiting visitors to once again see the iconic Barmouth bridge and get to indulge in fish and chips and ice cream.