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Title: I miss you
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Description: London, The tube We often forget to appreciate the things at our reach. London for me represents my love of life. The Tube is a big part of that. The excitement while queueing to top up the oyster card, the unexpected acquaintance you encounter on the Tube is always a one in lifetime experience. I miss the unforeseen quizzes on a rainy afternoon while most want to be left alone but have a surprised and bright expression by the sweets given following a correctly answered question. The voice monitor at each station to waken the tired, the random dance routines, poem reading and acting sessions, the occasional celebrity run-ins during fashion week, the jog to the millions of fast foods around each corner, the sight of laughter and genuine pleased expressions, I miss you London As an immigrant, fashion student from a small town such as Stoke-on-Trent, London is a dream, the fabric stores, galleries, museums are the greatest source of inspirations. The tube is the most effective transportation in London just like living life step by step like each tube stop is the most important way of enjoying the time we have.