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Title: Lakeside
Author: Emily Peet
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Description: Location: Lakeside, Newby Bridge, Cumbria The Lakeside is a very special place to my family and myself. It is somewhere I have visited for over 15 years, to escape the rush of everyday life and stresses. Located in Lakeside, at the Southern tip of Lake Windermere, it is surrounded by breath taking scenery, beautiful gardens and local walks. The Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway is the remaining 3.5 miles of the Furness Railway which was closed by the British Rail in the 1960's. It runs from nearby Haverthwaite, through Newby Bridge to terminus at Lakeside. Hard working steam trains haul trains on this steeply graded railway. Lakeside is a very welcoming, friendly and calming place; and arriving here feels like a home away from home. It holds very dear memories to me, allows my mind to relax and not focus on worries and stresses of the everyday rush. As we emerge from lockdown, Lakeside is the place I am looking forward to revisiting the most. I believe I have captured it's warmth, beautiful location, and inviting feeling in my painting. Painting, Gouache paint on mixed media paper.