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Title: Take me to the sea
Author: Joe Tebbutt
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Description: Being an island the UK is encircled with beautiful beaches and coves. Many people over lock-down have been fantasizing about the idea of traveling to their favorite coastline retreats to relax in bliss. I certainly have daydreamed and wished I was there on a beach. This postcard aims to highlight the fantastical nature that this dream of post lock down holidays have taken in peoples minds. As well as being reminiscent of an old railway poster there is a surrealist nature to this image, with the train track leading out of the sea and the fact there is palm trees and a steam engine. This surreality evokes a childlike wonder which highlights how peoples imaginations run away with themselves when thinking of future travels as Covid restrictions ease. The sense of place I am trying to evoke is the beach and I like the universality of this imagine as everyone can relate it back to a beach they love and want to return to. We all need to see the sea again.