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Title: Wish I Was There: Norfolk Broads
Author: Charlotte Johnson
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Description: Potter Heigham, Norfolk Broads is only 20 minutes away from Great Yarmouth train station. This place brings a moment of calmness in a hectic world; it allows me to press pause for a few weeks and spend time with my loving family. This is where I wish to be. I have been taking trips here annually since birth and it holds fond memories. My mum caught a flounder whilst watching the fishing rod for my dad, losing a pike lure to the reeds and recovering it a year later and my two brothers being in a constant competition to catch the largest fish that my dad effortlessly wins; most years. This image is of a chalet we stayed at called 'Dutch Tutch' a few summers ago. Initially, it was a helter skelter at the entrance on the Britannia Pier which was situated in Great Yarmouth and truly loved by Edwardians. In 1909, there was a tragic fire that spread across the pier and the structure endured some damage. It was transported to the Broads and resurrected into a beautiful holiday home. The ‘Dutch Tutch’ can still receive the love and care it truly deserves; as we all do after the last few years. This location will remain in my heart forever, and I am looking forward to the day I can take a deep breath and hit pause once again.